H.H. Shaikh Abdullah Rashid Al Sharqi

H.H. Shaikh Abdullah Rashid Al Sharqi is a member of the Ruling Family of Fujairah, one of the seven emirates of the UAE. In addition, it is the only emirate with a coastline in the Gulf of Oman. HH manages various successful companies, is the chairman of RCI, and graduated from the University of Egypt with long-term experience in the field of construction, trade business, mergers and acquisition. HH has embarked on a winning career as a reputable and respected executive in his country.

Currently HH has been appointed the Royal Patron of the Diplomat Business Club, a prestigious network platform that connects wealthy business leaders and diplomats in a special way, to give back to communities in countries in need. HH is an environmental lover whose name and financial support is used in a grant with his name in the Environmental University of Sevilla, Spain.

Eng. Juan Nelson

Mr. Nelson is the founder of The Laticom Group, which was founded in 1999. Originally of Mexican heritage, after completing college in several specialties, Mr. Nelson is a hands on system engineer and is a master in economics, international business and an expert in tax law. He proceeded to start a number of businesses, finding his forté in the combined high tech and telecommunications industries.

The center of his vision quickly unified Central America with modern communications, and this vision was the catalyst for Juan founding The Laticom Group.  Further, his vision for the company is to develop and deploy broadband and IT infrastructure in developing countries with a specific and initial focus in Central America.

Through a partnership in other business ventures with HH Shaikh Abdullah they havestarted a new business endeavor, forming RCI with an initial undisclosed wealth to invest in various countries in America.